Monday, 2 May 2016

Killer Digestions of Cocky Humour

“Mere et enfant” (Mother and Child) by Pablo (1921)

Please do not abandon the homeless man who will die on the doorstep of the falling building
Sleep in a falling state
Wake up for a falling estate
Will devour composure
Welcome the pin-stripped handkerchief of the good stranger, harness greatness in your heart
For the pleasant stranger is a rare occasion
In real life
Whose reality has time to spare for a stranger
Biased entertainment isn't trustworthy
Blasted enough
But not yet

No one has the means to stir from someone's sleep their awakening
Nirvana on the streets
Nirvana for sale
Buy one get one free
Says the bloke with the missing teeth
Agrees the butcher with his pork sausage, dangling, sizzling, frying under the roll of fabric
Exploited as shelter
There is no where to go in the city
Loneliness is prescribed on entry
Where do the birds hang
Not themselves

Do they flock to the park 
In their gangs
With their wings, still intact
What is there to fetch from the fountain
Are they vegans or cannibals
There is a group of children launching chicken nuggets on slingshots
Such cruelty
Is discrimination against innocence excused as charity but the nuggets are just too good 
Cooked so well
In new oil, too
It is no wonder why cars are the toilets of choice