Monday, 23 May 2016

Keepers of Trepidation Whether Real In Other Respects

“Hommes et femmes nus” (Naked men and women) by Pablo Picasso (1967)

Nurture a grudge with a worn-out set of flaking hands, tired skin from anti-bacterial wash
There’s a burden etched on the bedpost
The warning of allergy, reads seafood with three O’s
Accusations of which are flung generously
Across the premises of death and disease
A ghost lingers keenly
In the queue of incoming visitors, concern is on the registration
Just in case indifference will freeze
Onto the forehead of the bed-ridden
It's dry and itches with purpose
For artificial concern prompts the allergy regardless

There isn’t a single stem of nature where the opportunity presents itself to pay respects
They are waiting for a different location on a different day of an unfortunate twist
Events are the such juggled and juggling
On the tip of the short nose
Communication is the means of fulfillment
Too cheap to cover the cost of transportation
Render a taxi out of a human being
Frail and reckless
Boiling freckles on unsure cheeks
On the freeway the siren screeches for attention
Sizzling with anticipation

Responsibility invades through the gap of the silver door
A post on the service of legitimate duty is hardly sufficient if sought is the praise, of yours
Seek elsewhere
For morals drown loose on the sleeves of the establishment
Reputations on faces
Are more credible
Than those on cards
The fate of debt and deprivation
Exploits the nervous systems of the cowardly vague, soaking madness, speaking of which
Naturally devoid is recreation