Sunday, 8 May 2016

Keen On The Interruptions of Illogical Absorption

“Portrait de femme” (Portrait of woman) by Pablo Picasso (1923)

Dip some fingers of the visitor into the disease of assurance; test the strategy of self-belief
Heed the signs
For transmittable intelligence
Why do buskers always pack up
Just as newcomers sit down
Not qualified enough, yet to partake in the role of an audience
The condition of submission is genuine applause
Graded against the criteria of a crispy sound
A faithful, constant duration
A sincere applause should seal itself onto the face

In conjunction with the busker’s presence a birdcage-looking tree trunk encapsulates its prey
Inside the stomach of madness
There is nothing smooth
Digestion peels in three shades
Predominantly blue
The scene of a kid plucking cigarette butts from the bin
Smearing ash
Smudge the smoke into the swirls of a queer face
In the democracy of exploration  
Curious onlookers shall not interfere
Even should peripheral vision register a holy uncomfortable sight

The horror, of fingers flirting at the feeder on the face
The mother of the rebel who is concentrated on the free concert, demonstrates with excellence
The notion of blissful ignorance
In cases in which intervention is called for, select wisely a persona
That should be projected
Enquire carefully
Not to attract unfortunate attention
In public spaces
Approach with ease the mother, Ma’am
Have you a match