Monday, 2 May 2016

Happy Hunting and Careful Sightseeing: The Guide for Beginners

“Tête d homme barbu à la cigarette 1” (Head of a bearded man with cigarette 1) by Pablo Picasso (1964)

The jaguar's really just empty sacks of dead skin that’s diseased, limping on incredulous force
The jaguar is a bitch
An ultimate testament to bitch-hood
These are species of bitches celebrated for their capacity to be the bitch
To one another
In their jungle or another
There are plenty to prey to
Or to bitch upon
Fetch from the green horizon
A baby to receive the hood’s treatment
The jaguar is never seen at night

As the sun takes a tumble
A humble bashing takes place, compliments of the moon
A jaguar is never seen without a companion, for every single jaguar needs a companion
Says the crazy man on the radio
Blasted from your speakers, a sticker
In the form of the jaguar
Leaps from its two-dimensional existence
Out onto the fields of burnt grass
Which makes it hay
Does it
Not really know... who a bitch is even

However flamboyant
However creative with false truths and half-truths
Come forward, please
The firing squad has bullets to spare
The heart
But the brain is never guaranteed, for there is never insurance for psychological goods
There is the truth
To be fucked within
Never test the temperature of a bitch’s throat
For the throat is a breeding ground
Where the jaguar is a regular at that