Thursday, 26 May 2016

Habitats of the Eerie Troops

“Nature morte avec Steers Skull” (Still Life with Steers Skull) by Pablo Picasso (1942)

Found on the grime of the ceramic floor is an empty carcass in which to stuff the excess
The burden
Of a burden a bloody reminder of authority
The robe of invisible layers of moisture breeding a species
Of ruin  
Delay selflessly
The duration of existence
On the outskirt of liberty
The illumination of translucent arms, pleads for the peace of the treasure sought
Navigation is difficult for an entity of oppression
Affect cruelty

For the task of occupation is tedious, revise an award for motivation
Has always been
The colour of blood drained from the crown of the host
Reluctant by expectation, the notion of establishing influence
Dictate the norm of stern faces, hollow with the forlorn expressions of greeting, calling upon
The barbarous
A routine of new ritual
To consume the humanity                                                                            
In the merit of fear
Exploitation is given the means to found itself

In the eradication of insignificance who is banking who’s future, on who’s misfortune
A ghost must be rendered of the situation, regardless
Sneer quietly
About injustice it is unrealistic to obtain pleasure
When the predator lurks
Like the bastard it is
It lingers around
In the cycle of redundancy, take clues from the shore where a subject is being bored
Near extinction 
Once the future foreshadows the gore of the blood
Guarantee it is bled