Thursday, 26 May 2016

Grinner Grinning for the Sake of a Grin

“Portrait de femme au col d`hermine (Olga)” (Portrait of woman in d`hermine pass (Olga)) by Pablo Picasso (1923)

Let us celebrate a dog’s dinner, for success is a fuss of desire common in all species
Short and tall, tall and lanky
All containers of the soul
Speak of compromise
Accommodation is the occupation of distraction; stop your lingering on the dirt of the elite
Flee with the fleas and the pest of their own correspondence
Disease spoils the choice for decision
For the beds come
Without rails driving the dread of falling, for old people
Stop calling us
Oh dear!

Holy shit!
Carry the suffering through
The left wing of the walnut ward is a brothel
You needn’t more discussion if affection is adequate don’t ever bargain with the entrepreneur
Plush in the praise of nirvana
Never spare comfort for the likes of celebrities cashing on the uncalled for
Unfounded motivation to sell yourself
To the big bosses
Oh Hollywood
Laid on your chair is a pile of the dogs’ finest

Is the above ever gourmet enough
For your liking
We’ve haven’t the guts to question your taste
But if we had you would have even more of a buffet, more of a selection so be frank
Demands the respect
Sit on the right side of the set
In the cycles of light cameras and action
Feed the flowers of your fans into the palms of pedestrians
Salivating with thirst
Eager with the outburst of twitching fingers, fluctuating with the rhythms of strain
It's no secret that sarcasm's dead