Monday, 2 May 2016

Expectations to Define the Unimaginable Unconceivable the Unbelievable

“Tête de femme (Françoise Gilot)” (Head of a Woman (Françoise Gilot)) by Pablo Picasso (1946)

Never question more than once the already provoked and reflecting on their circumstances
Never talk
To the reflecting
Never even attempt to heal the wounds of which may not even harm
Any more sustainable
Of the circumstances at hand
There’s harm in thinking like a child
If the child is the underage version of the adult the adult becomes be the overage version of it
In the cycle
A cycle, any cycle, inherently implies repetition
So never switch places in the order of the natural order

There’s a guardian out to defend their child
In the chaos
Preserving the impression of loyalty isn’t too easy a task, with which comes the explanation
Built on an explanation
Built on itself
Some times
More over
Move for the fluency of pure thought to pass through
Incoming traffic
Is chaos obviously
It is difficult to imagine the familiar face without one of the world’s wonders

The world weeps
Mostly at night
When reflections are mostly deterred dreams and ambiguous fortunes
Take a lucky tip out of the leather glove
There’s not even a hand to shake
Just merely a pinch of fingers
To cover cold ears
To clasp open mouths
Over for shock
There’s a fingernail pierced through the lip of the vulnerable, a foul gesture of a birthday wish
Coming with even more dread for the future