Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Egotistical Consumers of the Sacred Exterior

“Femme dans un fauteuil rouge” (Woman in a Red Armchair) by Pablo Picasso (1929)

Chilling hazards on the roadside, a road kill lies busking in its bloody fur
Greedy for tempting hands
Capitalist dollar signs blushing on retinas
Bleeding ecstasy
The vision of a fur coat
Is a dangerous form of exploitation for the predators have an endless appetite
The protesters groan
As if fluorescent signs aren’t potent enough in the prevention of an ascending road toll
Trespassers of the graveyard
Yawn at the smell of plastic flowers

Roses defaced for a permanent fix
Isn’t possible
In the graveyard a ghost sits staring outside the road for its next victim in the hierarchy
Of replacement
Fresh flowers
Are so needy
A means of articulating concern
Given the ghost needs attention
It’s too bad
For people too
Endure their creaking bones on a daily basis

Fetch some of your dogs to do the fetching round here employment is scarce
And scary
The contemplation of death as compulsory, is simultaneously relief and burden
According to depression
Or pleasure respectively
In retrospect
A modern city devoid of charity is a hell of a hole
You can steal
You can sin
You can be yourself
If only karma was humorous