Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Desperate Allegations Pleading For Victims

“Buste de femme (Dora Maar)” (Female bust (Dora Maar)) by Pablo Picasso (1941)

When a butcher and a bastard sit together there are plenty of fish to land on your face
The mask you’ve always been after
Landing its big break
On frail bridges
The facial architecture of useless planning
Unflattering air creeps through the nostrils of which is the slime to lubricate the slide
The scoop of an epic failure
Poured on mountains of virgin moss
Disgusting the discharge worn on the sleeve
Of arrogance
Green is the colour of choice

So smudge on nature against the asphalt
The mouth is a host of something unpleasant
The evolution of a narcissist will consist mostly of flattery and the accusations of dishonesty
From the flattered
Or flattering
If any is true
The roots of your moot is dumbfounded
The victim of poor choice is seeking a remedy
For trauma is absolutely a pest of tranquility, take Vodka from medicine cups
Advises the incorruptible
Pleasure needn’t be stressed about

Does blood contain flavour, that mosquitos should favour certain victims over others
A wounded mess
Needs cleaning up
Considering the flair for upheaval
So many people come counting on failure to please themselves
On all accounts it is scary to think of an empty brain
Possessing itself
With the prophecies of the fortuneteller, who abuses the blue pigmentation of the artificial
Favoritism is deadly
Is there really a difference between a gentleman and a gentle man