Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Babies Boarding The Boredom of Being Adults

“Portrait d`Olga” (Portrait of Olga) by Pablo Picasso (1921)

As the clothes aren’t even cheating the winds well, the sun is a corrupt piece of adornment
Rendered useless
Due to the pride of establishing popularity
Rise somewhere else for someone requires a seat
On public transport
It is a custom to judge
Do it quickly
For it is fleeting the vacancy for taking a break
On the cold surface
A strand of hair dangles off the chair
Covered in systematic velvet

The uniform of the bus furniture begs a different question dependent on the mood
Of the day
There is no time to waste on superficial chatter
But engage if you must contribute to the execution of silence
There is a piece of mind made to conserve energy
Preserves it for realism
Speaks of harsh stories
Told by the bulldozers of sleep, the microphone internal shrieks for no apparent reason
Stop stopping
For no one is brave enough

To flee the circuits of duty
If asked as a favour, what a sour request
What a disgusting mess on the seat next to yours, violated with the deprivation of manners
Decency is expensive
It appears the surveillance is futile
Fragility slams against the windows that scratch on their own accord
The announcement of arrival is always nerve-racking
Always anxious
The onlookers of diligent schedules are dying
Their eyes rolling in correspondence
Like guns reloading