Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Adventures As A Given of Bloody Relevance

“Enlèvement des Sabines” (The Rape of the Sabine Women) by Pablo Picasso (1962 – 1963)

Nurtured to ingest the bitterness of sore losers, our uncles who sip on the fears of their blood
Spoilt with rebellious character
Digging graves at four in the afternoon
Croaking like frogs
Thirsty for beer
Some poison to ease the sores of lost victories
Those never meant to be, stung by string rays
Floating amidst the pollution of self-pity, the chorus of a death song sounds itself
Enlighten the prisoners
Who dig heedless of direction into the soul of the earth
That bleeds the dirt

Of earthworms
A phobia bred of pink struggles, the predators of their own downfall
Moisturize enthusiastically, the bed that feeds the spine
Tired and ready for rest
Eager as always to sing along, to pour over the top, of the glass of the poor loser
Over the top is nature generally speaking
That gives and takes away the eyes
Fit for a fit
It is sad to see a stranger tantrum
As an adult
What causes guilt

On the streets, they’ve bizarre layouts for drunken people
Feeding off the moon
Howling the norm of identity crises
Taking exits where responsibility is due
Turn to the nearest consultant
At the corner store that restores ego
Alert danger towards the support systems of the raging man, asserting uncalled for authority
How foul and selfish it is to sing
While others are sleep
Death is not a destination
It is a result