Friday, 29 April 2016

Zero Mercy For The Commonly Slaved Around

“Baigneuses (Projet pour un monument)” (Bathers (Project for a monument)) by Pablo Picasso (1928)

The dishwasher is exploited on a daily basis to do the chores of lazier beings
Being selfish is inherent in those who pay for their dishwasher
Load on a load
Of overdue food
Unload a load
Of a void
Under which are the hands to support and harness the energy of an exploitation, every time
Pour the soap in generous amounts
Pour in the warm water; marinate further the sticky sauces of a stir-fry
Poor the dishwasher
All awkward and shy against the backdrop of industrialisation

All of the steam smudges onto a very grey, greasy face; here is where there is no time
For reflection
The irony is apparent in maintenance unmaintained
It is so hard to swallow
A broccoli floating fearlessly, somewhere on the surface of the bubbling water
Ride the nerves of the dishwasher, until collection time
Go around with dishes stinking
Coming off with the grime of a colour, undiscovered until now
The dishwasher is determined
Through the storm of the shit of leftovers
The celery among the cabbage, the carrot, the tomato, the lettuce

For god's sake... The dishwasher is calm, because such is life
And you know life is never to be taken for granted
For when overwhelmed, the dishwasher could really project repercussions of which will see
Offended dishes piling
Miles into the air
Go easy on dishwashers...
If the giver of dishes is smart, patience is ought to be given
Or else there are consequences
Or else the flesh, on the fingers of the dishwasher, will cramp and spasm
Will never recover in time