Monday, 25 April 2016

Yuck Is The Offence To Be Sprung From The Mouth

“Acrobat and Young Harlequin” by Pablo Picasso (1905)

The star of the show could be a burden backstage and the audience would still clap
For they are the fools
Of real entertainment there is only deception
To be enjoyed
Smudge your face with a handful of fear
For that is a sign of submission
Pull two fingers from each hand
With fingernails still in tact, except dirty, degrading, almost abusive to their host
Is regardless an indication of a peace offering
However, never taken literally
Insulting the genuine

To be a fool fear is the fuel of choice
Inhale the consequences of which you might die
Under the spotlight
Turn around and you shall trip over the sloppy slogans, harsh giggling and don't dismiss
The offensive applause
And laughing, again
Curse at your script from the audience
There is a cheque to be cashed
In the name of capitalism
Whose signature will stand with the most authority
When they are all just motifs of a motherfucker

Sign on the dotted lines
The contention to elicit from the recipient
An orgasm of admiration
How bold the strokes, how flamboyant the strands of interconnected scribbling
Water the mouth
To relive a disgusting thirst
That should they understand
Unfortunate circumstances will unfold, in which
The flowers will die
Birds will choke, themselves to death
And back to life