Thursday, 14 April 2016

Yelping Answers

“Portrait of Sebastia Juñer Vidal” by Pablo Picasso (1903)

At the conference of outspoken peers a skinny mole rat retreats to a mode of silence
As the heads keep nodding on routine
Eyes gleam and glare at things in accordance with the reflection beamed on prejudiced retinas
Expectation is so uncomfortable
More so with the failure of fulfillment
Who are these people anyway 
The head of the curved table
Sits with exaggerated posture, stiff and stern, a face resembling a stoned statue
Or stoner 
In general
A mole rat in a suit 

Posing questions and nudging shoulders with equally confident companions
How’d this recluse fall into such a puddle of ego 
Vanity reeks of Ralph Lauren cologne
Familiar but confronting
Sporting a crocodile motif on a polo shirt, worn with an erected collar
The instructor looks on with a head skewered through slanted shoulders
A weird, terrifying smirk 
Plotting the next scheme of embarrassment
To expose the diffident 
On an empty lot
Raiding the brains of the hopeless 

With forks and a chisel, carve into the outer shell of the delicacy
With ferocious precision 
Shovel spoonfuls of the sort into mouths opening
Eager with anticipation for the taste of inferiority 
Leaves a sour consequence, upon the lid of the cave of consumption 
There’s a plaque
It reads, “Be Weary” 
There must be a beast sleeping inside
In the shadow
Mouthfuls of water flush out the danger
The act of brushing one's teeth is essentially tickling one's bones with a chainsaw