Saturday, 16 April 2016

Wasters of Earnest Regard

“Head of a Woman in Profile (Jacqueline)” by Pablo Picasso (1970)

Care for them inside the boundaries of custody
Spoon-feed the bottle of Shiraz into the mouths of the bull-shitters it goes
Two people forge a bond of sisterhood, sacred secrecy the stuff of which is nauseous
Chuck all over the cell
Of amnesty a load of trust is standard procedure
Anything that goes before but is discounted
But these people are more malicious than you’d take them for
What a fool
You’ll be rendered of
The manipulation of blank faces endure the oppression of sporting realism
Under the disguise of content is the fungus of torment

Slithering over sealed eyelids
Always so
Blocked from the repercussion of low self-esteem the distaste towards the reality of whom
Is the who referred to in conversations of dishonourable chatter
Big brains reference small people                       
Or vice versa the sense it streams
Two people pleading fraudulent
Holding hands 
With cuffed reinforcements  
The justification of false will  
On dark premises, the slog spills from the dreaded lips

Assertions of independence, a set up for mirth
Crying faces choke themselves out in the excess of over exaggeration, a failed attempt
At acting, if life is an act  
The morals are sunken again
There is zero tolerance
For deceit
But what else could be of expectation of them and this
In circumstances of suffocation
They must rise
On the grounds of sisterhood
One should be a pillar