Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Waging War With the Untouchables

“Head of a Woman with Hat” by Pablo Picasso (1962)

February is an itch to the eyes
In reference to the archives, it is important to appear well adjusted to rejection
Just in case the chief flings a load of their opinion
Your way
Is never the route for realisation
How desperately sadly so that the author is rendered by the hands of mercy
A product of experimentation
Evolving in the cycles of correction
A subject on which authority is legitimately assigned
Awaiting release
The unleashing of a name recurring rapidly

Is what satisfaction is made about
An amateur is a machine to feed the bullshit of one’s self-perceived intelligence
On the grounds of being productive
There's the residue of exaggeration
Held accountable of rejection
Grant relief for suspense stabs at the spine
Of the waiters
Who already have arthritis
Of a different nature
Only the victims could experience for themselves
The reality of their pain

There is much to be said, or not thereof, of the sight
Of celebrating incompetence
There are boundaries in which the correlation between friendship and professionalism
Should cease to influence
What does it say of your socialisation
When your friends are taken for granted
Retire from the discussion
Let them weep for themselves
For you yourself 
Are suffering
From arthritis