Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Verifying the Verdict With Ease and Acceptance

“Portrait de Clovis Sagot” (Portrait of Clovis Sagot) by Pablo Picasso (1909)

There happens to flourish an observation, spills from the thought of the participant
A treasure chest within which
Is a coal concealed in cellophane
Imagine the oral liver, that supports in coercion, the aggression of that burning sensation
Indent on the taste bud
Damn on the roast
Meat off the intriguing brain
A dissection to see inside
The functioning of an organ overlooking identity
Among other considerations
The most vivid is the capacity to assert defence

In the moist convincing way
Overlook the flaws of the naïve, with bright, plump faces
Bargaining with age
Because a day more in youth is the dying man’s wish
And a dying man’s wish is an indication
Of the whole of life’s worth
Yet here begs the question, of what a young man’s wish would be, if in death he were
The epitome of that wish
Well think no further
For it is the same
The prolonging

Of the existent
Instead of the revision of the past presents a tragedy
In both cases
Fill out the death certificate
With a declaration of humour
Only if black humour would humour do
In the service of a favour for a dead person
Begging is a recurring motif
Although not known at whom
Begging is in itself a repulsive expectation if received by a strong sense of entitlement
Efforts are rendered useless