Saturday, 16 April 2016

Venomous Drive of the Unsolicited

“La Femme à la résille” by Pablo Picasso (1949)

Suspicion is flattering so don’t abandon the will of the speaker of the questions that supply
So well your arrogance plump
Like groomed strands in a mop of snakes worn by Medusa
The sack disposition   
Your god is judging on par with the dialogue
Critique the performance of following with the prize or none thereof
Screwed by effects
The natural cause of the command and dictation by which the snakes find their route to slither
Freely away from the attention of the hollow inflictor
Abort the conversation by all means
Should discomfort arise

Elicit from the crown of venom a sample size of torture
Silence the air for a second
Of tranquility
Is all about forgetting
Such that riddles the soul with aggression
The urge to unleash tongue in the implication of trauma execute the actions advised against
By the temporary human being
Moral and sad 
For being mortal
Otherwise known as yourself
And myself in this loop of succession

Crown the next of kin with a fresh batch of eggs to be realised
On your head
Shedding skin for new life, for life
If is a performance
The admission is twenty-two dollars fifty 
For students
Pupils are the priority
So your eyes dilute according to thus in the circumstances of the shells bursting and balling
Lift from the burdens of waiting
A new little thing, that strives, already
For miserable sake