Monday, 18 April 2016

Ultra Sad and Bitter Partakers

“Femme avec un chapeau bleu” (Woman with a Blue Hat) by Pablo Picasso (1939)

You have a slug on your face! The boy exclaims with red-cheek-inducing fear
And it is marinating all over the place
There's a trail on your nose
The status quo is crossing the bridge to the opposite bounds
On which the left eye is glued with slime
That is fucking disgusting
That is so fucking gross!
Excuse your language little man; enter the subject’s mother with ability to ruin an atmosphere
The slug-victimised lady sports a cheerful smile
No, it’s not a slug
How could it be!

The boy now baffled examines closely, the object in question
Curled into a stationary sphere, it is situated just one inch above the left of the grin's bank
Sparkling under the rays of artificial sunlight 
Otherwise referred to as a light bulb
One that flickers
The landmark that rises and lapses as the lips dispel their contention
A ball of decadent character
Earning its place
By birthright 
A hierarchy frowned upon by the other facets of the face
Unfairly unquestioned 

His mother sports a yellow blazer brighter than the landmark
She is intense for no good reason
Establishes a cold persona, a contradiction perhaps to the outfit of choice
Could it be an innocent coincidence
Or malicious deceit
It’s not up for discussion
Sabotage the situation
Hands fixed on her produce
Hushes the boy away from their affair, and greasing down into his eyes, accuses
You’re such a mosquito
On the premises, she asserts, you're a little fucking suck up!