Saturday, 16 April 2016

Questions That Feed Against The Capacity To Comprehend

“Still Life on a Pedestal Table in Front of a Window” by Pablo Picasso (1919)

Could food really cause a revolution if the sole intent of eating is to survive
Eat until you won’t need to eat anymore                
That is when the revolution must end
But before the beginning slice the apple into quarters so then the pig can swallow
More easily
The redundant ornament gives nothing to the deceased but a sore sight to those still alive
Curse life
For being cruel
The reputation that goes unaffected enough not even to have reflection in the dying's wish
Desire to live more
On earth

But to see what
Someone must close the eyes of the dead for them
Because they’d do the same for us given the chance
Now gone
Boarding a holiday would seem tedious enough lest the funeral headed your way
What have we got to make of suffering
That condolences seem shallow
Regardless of what we decipher of dying
Should we anticipate
To empathise with death
The experience that discriminates one from the other is a hypothetical division   

On the plane you may rest sore backs
Against deprived comfort
Flutter through the confrontations of insignificance the effective hurdles of turbulence  
The bumps to fortify the fragility
Of mortality
The becoming of the hostage to mercy is sickening
In compassion
You’d be on the ground
Had it to be have
The grounds on which a life can exist
Where up and running are the fellow species that aren't as modest as they seem