Friday, 15 April 2016

Qualms About The Potential

“Seated Woman with Green Shawl” by Pablo Picasso (1960)

There is spaghetti bolognaise on the crown of your head
Or is that the crown itself swaying in tassels of flirtation
By the sea the shore is seasick for sure
I never got any of the tongue twisters but they sure as fuck fucked with my tongue
A comment on Facebook claims that tea is just “leaf water” 
I am fascinated remarkably 
Dwelling how many other kinds of beverages
Is just something and water
That all of the items on a wine list or esky are easily a combination of sorts depending upon
The sole ingredient
On which our bodies strives

How many gallons of water does it take to brew a bowl of spaghetti
While the majority of people argue it isn’t a beverage the rest will testify for
The sake of its being so
For why else would spaghetti be slurped if slurping is inherently an association of drinking
You are insane
When you spiral those slogans to too fro and from
Thieves will accuse thieves of pulling on their strings of the urge to revolt
Against whom
Is the least of matters
Thinning with the satisfaction of wit-filled comebacks like pastry puffs
Someone explodes on Facebook

An article alleges the world has consumed too much chocolate for its existence to prevail
In twenty years
A period in which, should circumstances not improve
By which is that the suggestion we should enforce the cessation of eating the such
Regardless it argues it will be more of an indulgence that already it is
It should be parallel to the expenses of caviar
Among other finer things
All these articles rely on a specific unnamed source
According to whom, should be in quotation marks, the existence of he or she
Could be doubted in the name of the wise and intelligent
Cheap journalism is insulting