Thursday, 28 April 2016

Pity In Conjunction With Pride

“Femme assise (Jacqueline)” (Seat Woman (Jacqueline)) by Pablo Picasso (1962)

On the train a lone passenger sits with a bag of lollies on his lap and a bag of weed hanging
Off the edge of his mouth
While he rolls with the times
Everybody wants a strawberry and cream
But those fingers
The fingers of intoxication
Will set spirits high
Alert, alight in an orgasm of not giving a shit, oh fuck get it
Life is free and precious
For the not giving a shit
There are simply not enough shits not to give

Granted the above
A ticket inspector strolls into the carriage of the scene that’s been set
For disaster
Not even today could welcome unfortunate circumstances
How awfully wonderful
Oxymoron said by the moron
Today is a good day
For every single and in-a-relationship passenger can see the glands of the lips of the inspector
Salivating for which cause
It is unsure
The whereabouts of the intuitive

Is compressed under the fluorescent, grey, bulky uniform
Hidden through filtered will
An ordinary woman with an extraordinary craving
Suppressed all for the supremacy of collecting fear
The desire
Is suffering
Both parties will endure the hefty lessons designated for each accordingly
A grand buffet of deprivation
Makes for quite an interesting show
Delighting a dull day
There is good karma to come of this