Saturday, 30 April 2016

Pending With Patience the Unpreventable

“Nusch Eluard” by Pablo Picasso (1938)

A florist is scared of openings; inside the mouth of the orchid is the hope of the seller to see
The profit
Suspended on the lanky stem
To mark the tongue of the flower 
With birthmark
For every territory there's seduction at every cycle of the life in which there isn’t a fragrance
To bore those
Prone to allergy
Consider nature as
Worthy of thanks
Among all creation, during the execution of the finest
Superfluous thought was assigned to the order in which the petals would bloom
In the palms of the florist
The flower is conceived as delicately as the newborn child
A celebration of difference without the tears
Or the distraught of fickle mothers
The guilt of astonished 
Father figures
The orchid would rather give birth to itself
Because of bravery
There is no point
In dependency

Hatch from the green umbrella, plump with purpose, the antlers attached on albino chins
Dyed naturally
The genes that run consecutively
Down the stream
Of the green stem
The trunk that sprouts form the chunky soil
Contained in the glass tank
A landmine foreshadowing death, spoilt with moss
And excessive moisture
Become caressed and smelt
The orchid squirms