Thursday, 14 April 2016

Oysters Ain't Pearls

“Woman with a Hat” by Pablo Picasso (1901)

The asshole and the fool go as well together as the words succulent and chicken were made 
For each other
In their secrecy there is bound to be a victim or two
Should the truth be tracked 
Or spluttered from some rather fervent sources
Stop testing the patience of the loyal and ponder instead the pitfalls of the inherit degradation
Everyone gets off the escalator with a forged resolution
Like they are headed somewhere important
Very in person or important location
Perhaps as a combination of both
Will encompass perfection

An imbecile carries their task of deviancy across the globe
Shockingly competent executions and conduct
The asshole is shitting on and at people, again
Further and more it goes in a miracle round, the bullshit to be flung across a foolish face
Seek a volunteer
To mirror
The self worth of the fool relies so much on the shallow portrayal of truth
Empty expressions again are a form of expression
Never discard emptiness as emptiness
It is highly advised against in the curriculum of deeper sense
Commonly known as pretentious

Like the fool and the asshole
Lumped in a bag of garbage, each they are their own
The asshole sits on a rusting stool, with the fool atop
Versatile peace
They have two cockroaches adoring each foot
Like a Hollywood depiction
Four in total flipping through the brown-scaled bodies, cloaked in the rags of a funeral
A pigeon flies straight through 
The barbecue
And someone’s roasting, in the shade
A succulent scene at that