Thursday, 28 April 2016

Outrageous and Unforgivable the Errors of the Oblivious

“Paul as a Pierrot” by Pablo Picasso (1925)

Father please father your son for one more day before the corruption of the sun
The trees hog at the sky
With their branches that make for a bird’s paradise
The birds are flying back from hell with their feathers burnt
As a given
Their beaks are swollen, from the devil’s torture
Speak evil you can of the dead but never the devil
For he lurks where they cannot
On your conscience
Nurture wisely the vocabulary of which will cause sin, a sinner will always bathe in hot water
Adaption to hell

Before it even starts the birds in the tree, start chirping
On rhythm
Away at the indoctrination
The sight of hell is still stuck on retinas beaming, from sensual frustration
A plea
Erase the sin with sunshine instead
An orchestra trials for free, the patience of an angry sleeper, deprived of proper rest
Lethargic in the morning
In general
Hallucinations are on default setting
Sleep in until death almost comes

On your pillow
Roll on your back
Draw back your curtains
Slithering on the cream carpet
The socks you peeled off last night, without grace, thus disgrace
Riddle with the mess on the floor, a mission to dress yourself for the real world outside
Looks down on ya
Frowns are the crowns of the upper class
Worn without a second thought
White socks with black shoes, brown shoes with black trousers
The nightmares of the up themselves