Friday, 29 April 2016

Nothing Is Supposed To Appear of A Potential Hazard

“Musketeer Mousquetaire” by Pablo Picasso (1972)

The main road attached to the poverty-stricken neighbourhood is home to three exclusive
Where the which consists of a funeral house 
A clinic, besides a pharmacy
As if to threaten the foreigner
In their car to take things slowly 
On the road
A dog struggles, under her leash
The only weapon against mankind is the protest of his good friend
Oh friends
The drunken pedestrians who choke the traffic draw the boundaries 

With coloured chalk
An indication of a gross driver is their failure to signal south or east in whichever direction
They will proceed
To turn on a blind eye
Will be a lazy eye 
On the compass
But never as lazy are the eyes of the raven
Sharp and weary of injustice 
In the alliance of hunting for food, greedy bastards will be shunned from the next mission
Which serves them right
Deprivation is sometimes, awfully deserved 

A fella takes extra attention while crossing the road
On the dotted lines he’ll sport the signature stride of a snobbish man 
From a taller view
Arrogance needs to sift for the truth
For the bullshit that spurts from body language, there is much to make of exaggerated posture
Feel for the shoulders
The soldiers to uphold the head
Upon which rules a velvet fedora 
Exploited is the means of compensation for a helmet instead
There's a flaccid bonus under the brim