Monday, 25 April 2016

News to Struck on the Nervous System

“Portrait de Dora Maar aux yeux bleus” (Portrait of Dora Maar with Blue Eyes) by Pablo Picasso (1939)

Speak as much evil of the dead as possible, before they die
A face that whether full of life or death, remains equivalent in one blank, motionless stare
Contemplations are settled behind
How to forge concern
In times of grief, choose either from body language or verbal comfort
There are so many beans to be spilt
For the eager ears of the patient snitch
Tickle their eardrums
With false conflict as gossip
Their faces are boiling with embarrassment in the urge of which
Confines them in the cell of the need to crack on the truth

For the general public
How generous a motivated act of selflessness
Involves the dead
From the grave, there’s a weed pretending to be a flower
Like so many of the guests who do, at the funeral, crawling from the concrete
There is a song that sweeps them off their knees
That shivers the spine
Exposure is the endorsement of addiction
Therefore limit the funerals to which attendance would result
In the frequency of bearing witness to death
And dying

There is no favoritism
At least
An irrational fear has some form of mercy for there is reason to conquer the absurd
The unsound
Silly, ridiculous
Stupid, ludicrous
Beliefs of which will have their own tormentors, depending on their levels of insanity
The brain isn’t yours to control
For fear is something you can’t suppress
On demand
Beware of the coffin catching your shadow