Monday, 25 April 2016

Lessons From The Odd Habits Of Folks

“Marie-Therese Walter” by Pablo Picasso (1937)

I don’t trust the people who sign off their emails with unconventional terms
For example I hope you’re well
What is the point of establishing charisma or character if you’ve had the whole email
To do that prior
Should the sender be so eager and ambitious to make an impression
Impress the addressee with a fact
Such as the fact 
That mangoes
The fruit
Are known as the king of all fruits
And no fucking wonder

For mangoes are marvellous
Get a chair from the lounge room
For whom
That bastard can get it for themselves
If laziness is the clear initiative of asserting orders, your time is due to find a reflection
Off of all of the accountable and possible resources
Advise the creature in response of that reflection
To go fuck
And there’ll still be
A willing email sender participant

To wish them well
In the jungle of unread emails
The spam is the bait of boredom
Never to be fulfilled the malicious intent of wasting time
There is a special place in hell for time wasters
Although it makes no sense to have at all special connotations for a place, like hell
If home to the doers of homicide  
The borders of the boundary
Should be confined by shrubs or steel
Either or, better be sealed
For freedom could easily leak out from under the balance