Thursday, 21 April 2016

Labeled Disasters Via Ambitious Accounts

“Portrait de Max Jacob” (Portrait of Max Jacob) by Pablo Picasso (1907)

A combination of warmth and wind make for the perfect weather
It is amazing how skin is able to receive the contradictory sensations of both, simultaneously
Civilisation looks weak
From the perspective of the cyclist
There is no advantage to come 
Of technology
Bust congested road and human brain
On corruption
Streamline the successes of fiction into the fabric of belief and ideology
The manifesto to swear by

Of all the parts of anatomy
Closure could not be forced
Onto the mouth
Lip sync curses over the horns of expensive cars, dipped in fluorescent paint
A horny driver loses control
On the freeway
There is heavier restraint than that of residential habitats
A brat stands at the centre of controversy
From palm-tree-concealed mansion
With coffee in hand
The current newspaper foreshadows the conflict

During tomorrow
The witness preps for the live broadcast
Naked inside velvet robe
Clear the throat for credible speech
Practice the contact of souls
On the news
Smirk as the steam of caffeine pollutes the ambiance of selflessness
Wipe the cars off the road
Uncivilized for evidence
There is still congestion