Thursday, 14 April 2016

Kinds of Confinement

“Buste d`homme à la cigarette II” (Bust of Man with Cigarette II) by Pablo Picasso (1964)

Heed the heaving head of the reader at the mercy of someone’s selfish desire to establish
Their academic identity, for intellectual authority simple terms won’t do
Won’t suffice
The correction slingshot
Rather aches across the face
The realisation of deficiency is painful
An exploitation of example making
Step outside the circle of pretending to be
Colloquialism is pretty boring however
Step in again to play with the big players
Big mouths are a status symbol

Anticipation is your calling
Suspend their expectations on rustic wires withering with self-questioning
The explicit urge to abandon submission
Is grounded on the creases of an inverted grin
Defeat is disastrous
Needless to say the expectations were set very low anyway
Virtually non-existent
Is the empathy expected of not just human beings but peers
Who’d rather pick on the thin strands of sanity sprouting from balding scalps
There’s no such thing as merciful distress
Is there

The solution
To stop a collision sliding internally  
Exposure is ruthless without the knowledge there is no forgiveness
Whatsoever in the discussions of high thinkers philosophy is the voice box from which 
Is being sprung something significant
Regardless of the notion of affectation
General humanity
Gathers in circles to conference the validation of narcissistic perception  
On the basis of unison
The class is simply the manifesto on which to accumulate ideas relevant of anything else