Monday, 25 April 2016

Keyholders, Shareholders, and General Holders of Peace

“Arlequin assis sur un canapé rouge” (Harlequin Sitting on a Red Couch) by Pablo Picasso (1905)

It is important to appear well adjusted to rejection
Just in case you see your aggressors in public
Pay no heeds to the way their heads
Are screwed
On backwards
They’d be for the genius person the norm is deeply offensive a way in which to operate
Their limbs are struggling
Not to engage in conflict
A struggle is a struggle regardless of the context
The struggle has the right to be

I am a parody of my own thoughts
In which I wear the crown
Who cares
About relationships that depend on pity won’t last
For a second
Don’t be the fool
Excuse the itch to evoke, elicit, to summon with force, the sympathy for a longer stay
In captivity
Smile as the cameras will flash
I am so full of shit
Hold the thought that pulls your mouth

In courses of plumbed agenda
Sport a sight to upset
The easily hurt
Whose declarations of war will project themselves on screens of blood
For dramatic effect
Prove unfounded authority with parades through rustic location
The heads of the weaklings
Of corrupted assertions
Will fall on their feet
On cold grounds
Offer silence where speech forms the basis for craving