Saturday, 16 April 2016

Justice Is Around The Curve

“Head of a Sleeping Woman (Study for Nude with Drapery)” by Pablo Picasso (1907)

Feast or get feasted, on by the vigour of families in competition
Parade their sons and their daughters like their props of status significant of symbolism
A sorry plot of hardship
Damned are the children who fall victims
By chance or due
Of which the poor are inclusive
In the regime of scoring against the frail
Inflict expectations on naïve brains
Too innocent to even decipher the genuine from the otherwise
The woman who speaks to herself with intent to impose revolution
Poor the subjects of who will be made for objects

Package delight in demonstration of satisfaction
A smirk will always be devious a venture
Into the exploration of one’s feelings
Expel the awful connotations of the past
With sudden revolting and swift a substitution of illusion
What is has always been
Not so fast
Madam and Madman
Excuse the reluctant one further let their standing be the choice through which they can flee
For your narcissism is choking
On hold

The sister who smears the smile with expertise
Looks twice at the said appearance
In the contemplation of achievement
A sinister smile will flourish on its own account
How dead we shall be
In the house of the evil residents a plot will boil on the stove
The shared hope of holding prisoners the comedians who once exploited the suffering
Laughter is literally death inducing
An occasion worthy of foreseeable anniversaries
By which the deadline shall chase its victims
On the altar set the terms and conditions