Friday, 15 April 2016

Jarring Are the Persistent Enquires of What Should Be Non-importance

“Reading” by Pablo Picasso (1932)

Where are the friends who swore on the oath to see through the prevention of victimization
Be made of who is now secluded, for real
In deserts of the pressure to forge popularity
As if there isn’t pressure
Already present for show
The dealing with self-companionship
Is it understood how it feels to suffer
Where there is laughter over devastation
The cheater keeps leaping from one bush to another ruffling the features
Of the most delicate, fragile species
Referred to as the loner

Whether it’s heard the sounds of a ghost
Busting under the screech of a tire, ran over ruthlessly
Purely for entertainment reasons
Parade the species
On pikes in excess of six feet
Levitate what’s desirable
In the eyes of the public, a loner is condemned a subject for which there must be justification
Is it plausible to argue
That of all the wards and wings of the human body
That of the optical wards and the oral wings
The walnut ward is the most reliable

For it is the most diligent a thought
Speeds and slides
Across the rough wallpapers of the crunchy interior, let it be preserved
Inside the shock-proof shell
Concealed by the surface of durable character
The walnut is the central district responsible for the coherency of even the most incoherent
Or ranting
Or rubbish
Here lies a major question
Never before discussed