Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Headaches On Crack

“Mere et enfant” (Mother and Child) by Pablo Picasso (1922)

The howling of a siren summons back the wondering brain
It is hard to look into the face of your traitor with sympathy, as an intense sadness overtakes
The occupation of the vulnerable chest
Is to fund life for the rest of the body
But the brain persists on playing the drums
Damage the peace with nostalgia
Fleeting in freedom
A collage of random faces are jumbling in the washing machines of the head
Where friends and foes collide
On the rollercoasters 
Who will throw up first  

The party is indiscriminate
Of its guests
The front row is reserved for the respects of the more than average inflictors of discomfort
Aggressively waiting
Impressive in their nature to fake virtue
The flair for drama consists of the dependency on failure
To please the crowd
Counting on incompetence
To attain satisfaction
Beat the drummer slowly
Before the blood spills from the roof

Counsel the naïve mortals on the advice of unthinkable consequences  
That’ll form the basis of objection
From the seniors
Who wear tweed suits and brown loafers
Retire indefinitely for good times sake
That is how you spoil nostalgia
For allusions to the past have the effect of souring the atmosphere, it is known
Indisputable feelings
Go dancing on your taste buds
The flavour of isolation is overwhelming 
As your brain is ready to fuck itself