Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Halving Impressions For Comfort

“Nu les bras croises” by Pablo Picasso (1960)

Beside the steps of liberty a group of friends sit on the green grass as you're looking on
With curious endeavour
Conversing in rounds of emphasised smiles
Beaming with a sense of privileged energy catching jokes
With flared hands
A flock of seagulls fly over their heads as one dodges unsuccessfully, the plight of paranoia  
Three birds claim territory on a statue
Two birds rest at the feet of the figure
An important person he must have been
For a robe runs down his back
And it is elegant, in spite of the cement 

Another sits on his head
With a wondering look
Who wants to be made as a statue when a statue is essentially a bathroom for the winged
And the wicked
The one with the ostentatious plot
To paint over the faces of the people
Paid homage to
Not all that honourable
It’s not a celebration until some shit goes down

Isn’t that right
Isn’t that so, the birds start chirping, start squawking
For your French fries
So in an act of compassion, a mindless act of compassion, at that
You chuck donations into the air where the fries land near the people
And suddenly
They’re not that gracious anymore
Now you’re asking how on earth you’ve been made as the victim by both birds and people
There’s still a frown on the statue’s face
Well your stomach's starting to growl