Thursday, 14 April 2016

Greedy Barbarian Vast and Savage

“Woman with a Blue Hat” by Pablo Picasso (1939)

Skinny-testing bony fingers in calcium fibre 
Those of the big and bulking caricatures, the embodiments of responsibility to enforce growth
Strength apparently
Is feeding off a baby’s feast
What’s with the discharge of emotional discourse
Pounding inside
A ship carries a connotation of danger
Across the sea hostages pave the superfluous path, indefinitely
The captain is a jerk, as always
Best wishes; set sailing before the sink is raided with moss
Corals to discolour tranquility

Squeeze tears from reluctant eyes
Camouflage is an art form for which many people can only desire in their own capacity
We need to inject some sense
Into the implied subject 
Wherein the euphoric illusion of being sane is reigning horrifically supreme
Court your own sanity
Before it slips into the wrong hands or generally speaking
The bloody sea
Is a bloody trap
Hungry for casualty
Always preying

The foam on the surface is the ocean’s digestive system, and it's playing coy
The bubbles are bones
The bones bubbling
Just casually
After centuries of engrossing  
Jealousy is the zest
In most circumstances
Boarding is a decision derived from boredom
Seek but the pleasures of offering the ruthless machine of consumption, our blood!
Oh brothers!
People are such liars