Saturday, 16 April 2016

Greatness Indifferent of Fledglings

“Enfant Dans Sa Voiture” by Pablo Picasso (1949).

Bargaining is always a topic we take issue with when the mother tantrums over the tantrums 
Of her children
In a clever strategic move the tantrum is a means to reinforce the pathetic protest of 
An uncalled for event
The kid chucks his bag of chips onto the supermarket floor
Testing the drenches of his mother’s patience or as is to be revealed
The lack thereof
She slams her handbag 
In similar fashion
He looks with disbelief or perhaps
Even respect

She rolls all over the floor as the other shoppers stare on in offence
Her baby just laughs in the trolley
As she crawls on up
He puts the bag of chips back onto its shelf
That vision of his mother exchanging identities  
So that’s how it’s supposed to be  
Followed by nods of confirmation, the storage of visual imagery safe to victimise their father
On the next trip
The New York Times will headline the performance
Of which he will practice with close attention
Behind closed doors

In between the intervals of self observation and pleasure
A knock on the door commands sleep to be had on his behalf
As always only the best of dreams will do for you, my child
It is his mother
The great actor
Whose footsteps shall be followed with close precision
To evoke pride from anecdotes of the future
There will be drama to be witnessed on the next occasion 
For now the audience is an invisible set of curious eyes from the blinding white walls
Wishing him well
Y'all have to worth a wait for what's in store