Saturday, 16 April 2016

Fidelity Fleeting and Faulted

“Figure” by Pablo Picasso (1930)

Thank you for being so nurturing and for being so patient, mostly
Most of the times hungry is a metaphor to aid the imagination from its restrictions otherwise
A plain stretch on which to amplify and dissect ideas
Derived from this failing brain
The falling short of comprehension as to why jealousy is an object
On their agenda
Discard the inclusion of which deems the speaker a member
If torment is to persist
Grant mercy through release
The loss is anyone’s to have
But disgust so far has been the lesson

Expel from the ranks of popularity
The helpless, hopeless contributor
Who had drove the conversation so well
Swell enough says the past to cause inclusion on natural terms, now it is forced and vulgar
A subject of humiliation
Shame the guardians who still try so hard to impersonate peace
The fact of who is loyal
Remains unfixed in the spectrum on reality
The faces thought of
In these anonymous discussions
The surfaces of those facial features depict a family of swine

In gated communities
Snobbery is the first language learnt in order to earn the inheritance
The suck up and the follower navigate around the sensitivity of the host
Select a spot to camp
Lay insecurities to rest for such a notion has no place in this place
In this place
They say they’ll make it until they fake it
Or something as such
Along those streaks is ambition
There is no negotiation with the heads of the hardcore demons
Now the freaks emerge again