Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Eruptions Of Anticipation, Anxiety, And Assurance

“Head of a Woman” by Pablo Picasso (1960)

Feeling nervous is the greatest, nastiest torture of all the forms of nonphysical violence
Nerves are the nerds of the internal world that define
The definition of corruption
Barges through the rehearsals of what should have been the performance of excellence
Now spoiled with the support of a red face
Hands that shiver
Without gloves
The shaking is amplified
Across the conference
The shame starts pouring from the translucent roof, usually a hammock of natural light
Now as dull as ever

The voice of a man defeated
Is barbaric against the perceptions of masculinity
Defeat is worn best by the most earnest
Do not gender disgrace
On the grounds of equality, the shame will always be the shame, regardless of whose name
It bears
The voice of the man conquered
Broke mid-silence with the reluctance to reproduce the left over balance
Which was built on pride, now badly is crippled
The certainty, that success is given
None more

The chances for the unworthy wears thin
On the sleeves of the insecure
A misfortune finds itself a fold in which to slip to bed, the miracle of denial
Is the least of the comforts
Afforded to defeated men
The hypothesis that three weeks from defeat
Is redemption
Lingering perhaps
On the outskirts of optimism, a beach chokes itself to death
So accumulate black clothing
In the mourning you'll sea