Thursday, 14 April 2016

Encounters With Seedy People

“Buste de femme au chapeau (Dora)” (Bust of Woman with Hat, Dora) by Pablo Picasso (1939)

Consequently the sore look from superficial concern
Watches over the backs of affliction
A contention to advance towards acknowledgement
Rather met with dejection
Is shot dead
Breed hatred deep into the spines of the soul, prickling with pikes eager to prove their worth
Collect debt in the morning
Send messages of formal greeting and forge importance thus accordingly
In front of the bystanders
The show is innocent a determination of claims to reason, perhaps entitlement
Internally, a pike ruptures

Oozes of a purple plant
Enchanting a scene to lose blood relations within
Contain those fake tears in tearable tissues
Wipe at the nonexistence of interest
March on
Headfast, steadfast
On rhythm of colloquial torture
Swing a cigarette around
In the clutch of dry fingers  
Abandon history with the substitutions of deprived entertainment
The tickets are sold out

Take the front seat where the light is shone on the incredibly good at faking it
It is innocence
In reference to the blank stare on the pale, peeling of sanity face
I see the disgrace
As two glances parallel in a rather unfortunate fashion of circumstances
A coincidence of disbelief
Up against a calculated cause
Some children rise to the sounds of birds chirping
Whereas the others are the ones who remain
In the sequence of burdened events
The ghost of good faith lingers on from behind the bush of spoilt poison