Friday, 15 April 2016

Blatant Denial Is A Sin

“Homme et femme dans un café” (Man and Woman in Café) by Pablo Picasso (1903)

Summon from the depths of self-entitlement an embarrassing act of arrogance
Workers aren’t slaves
Who’ll deliver the cruelty with hefty garnish
Revenge is served on silver platters
Baring resemblance to the old Mercedes-Benz motif on the hood of your run down car
Which crawls on the streets
Behind the butts of pedestrians
Crawling insane
All over the place
Irritation is inherent in ignorant speakers
Opinions are to be flung with thought and precision

For if landed on the wrong plate
Forked by the wrong spoon
Or fed into the mouths of the wrong consumer
There are consequences of which
You’ll ponder the regret of in your four-dimensional
Reeking of urine cell
While your wife
Sells your car on the outside
The profits of which will fund the lavish life wherein poached eggs will dictate a morning
As cigars will smoke 
The atmosphere

Choke in the wake of its magnitude
An infant chick
In a fragile nest
Situated, unfortunately, on the deck leading to your once, former backyard
There’s a storm of irony
But a chicken broth will soothe each night
So conduct yourself carefully in regards to reality
The current situation one might say, is the sourdough sponges aren’t even sour enough
Yet nobody knows
You'll roam through the streets again
There's something fishy about the air