Saturday, 16 April 2016

Awakening the Best Undisturbed

“Femme qui pleure devant un mur” (Woman Crying Before a Wall) by Pablo Picasso (1937)

When the finger counts faster than the mouth there is unresolved conflict
Which damns with the brain until the count is recounted with precious consideration, damned
Obsessive-compulsive disorders are harmless cruelty
Endangering victims
With paranoia
I’ve made the biggest mistake of saying I'm sorry
For being paranoid
I am the victim as much as you as the receiver of my endurance
The endurance indiscriminate of chance
Conquers obedience with the manipulation of supremacy
A crisis of democratic existence 

What a load of fabrication
How dare the recipient welcome the apology intended as courtesy for solid entitlement
To receive the such
Endure this such
That banishes from the rights of a man a clause of liberty
You’ll have forgotten what it’s like to walk outside the house
Without fumbling with window lockers
Doorknob snobbery and sink corruption
A mess of a mess of a mess
So it seems
There is no cure in the inception 

Hop on your two feet steadfastly
Through the ranks of normality
There’s a code of conduct in which the victims are exclusively intended for
Praise the audacity of begging entry
To enforce deviancy among the structure of a senseless hierarchy
Concentrate on the culture of prejudice
The biased mentality of which its being founded within will strive as history can support
The notion of its success
An insult exposes itself as protection
Of who, however
The question begs