Monday, 25 April 2016

A Round of Ignorance and Implied Retribution

“Tête de femme” (Head of a Woman) by Pablo Picasso (1902 – 1903)

Quench the knots of the nerves rolling inside the foul stomach
With affirmations of self-assurance
Better is the mantra to recite in the future of incoming shame
Stubborn fronts for self-defence
Do not burry the head in between the barriers of hunched back shoulders
A sour disposition
Illustrates the pressure placed on the quiet to contribute to the high, precious conversations
Of being a snob
Reserve the seats for special people
The people who deem themselves worthy
Of those seats

Are usually anything but
A poor excuse of a human being
Biting on their egos
With clenched gums
Diseased teeth
Where tongues bleed judgement
Project humour to diminish the presence of the might-as-well-be-absent
The ritual of forcing the discreet, to stare with conviction, at a point on the vandalised table
Nothing in particular
Settles their satisfaction
Like the squirming of successfully victimised patrons

In the room
There is an authority figure
Who stands at the white board with a pen in hand of venomous discharge, ready to strike
Corrupted handwriting
Illegible and dwarfish sizing
For philosophy 
Ready to report on the quitters of conversation
Stop staring at the already victimised
A competent conversation is one in which the expectation of new voices
In expense of comfort
Should never be called upon