Saturday, 12 March 2016

Waiters Undetectable to the Untrained Eye

“Femme assise” by Pablo Picasso (1946)

Realism suggests that the odds of losing are insurmountable re a deck of cards
Yet the real gambler sees only fifty-fifty of either or
Oblivious to their heart racing 
Keep the fight going 
Only to die on the green table
Where cards are flowers
Burry the spade on which a patch was dug from the velvet garden 
A tombstone that reads wealthy 
In bold, gold, and glitter 
Pleasure now pity; shake hands in shock
Deal a different fate

For those still daring to sit at the graveyard 
A ghost stands on site
Behind the player, dictates and advises, through enthusiastic contention 
With endorsement or hatred
Loathing through useless teeth
Dried lips as per the usual, and fronting the pale green complexion
From the voice box of the player
A microphone of the deceased
Falls from the tip of the tongue, slices the air
Denial is never gone 
Deal with death on a different day 

Flicker the lights for further drama
Now a ghost
An entertainer 
Assume responsibly the new agenda 
Offer generously a sense of humour for the ashamed and dying slowly 
In the conference of calculating the next move
Offer a cold hand 
Never a cold shoulder
A ghost is a guardian 
For the optimistic
Proximity is never the excuse for snobbery