Saturday, 12 March 2016

Violence of a Gentle Nature

“Les Demoiselles d'Avignon” by Pablo Picasso (1907)

Toss a tantrum at dinner and render the diet indigestible 
Emotional vomit is the broth alluded to in the slogan of redundant chefs 
Flee the table 
Before the temper erupts 
And spills
Then spoil innocence with accusation 
Stomach depression with a clenched fist 
Let eyes water in rage and track the clock
Sport a frown 
There’s reservation on speech
No one evacuates the premises before the cloaked skeleton takes his seat 

A supersized rat
Finds his place on the floor
Next to the foot of the all bones and no guts
A coward chokes on maple syrup too sweet for his soul
Soothe the rash with birth control 
The rat squeaks as if laughing
How the rats are laughing inside the house’s skeleton
An empty frame groans during the long winter’s night
A sigh is a sigh regardless of the source
From which it sounds
The rat does not mind a little mould 

A donation is a donation regardless of the recipient 
Charity needn’t a receipt
Or the media’s coverage
The celebrities with courage 
Are the ones who contribute behind closed doors closed curtains and closed mouths
A sight of near extinction
Exposure has always been ecstasy 
In exploitation there’s ought to be a winner regardless of what may come
The rat arrives too late to the party
He throws the tantrum under the table
Thus the feet go juggling the weight of fear