Friday, 11 March 2016

Unforeseen Consequences of Random Conflict

“Woman with Cigarette” by Pablo Picasso (1903)

An understatement is a form of hyperbole
And a hypocrite is a turd
Just so
A turd boiling down the pipes of the scavenger’s feast
Pull from the ceramic bowl a surprise concealed by layers of velvet fabric
Imagination is the means to exceed the ordinary
A flush is a form of relief
Red cheeks and blue eyes are characteristics of the perfect mug shot
If justice is just
Who’s to justify the justice of the judge’s justifications
What’s in a jury that a woman should lay her life inside the palms of such

A snake is a form of amusement 
Except for the vicious and venomous
In a case of being victim, tears are the torture of justice
Advise children against the usage of vulgar language
Only to be sworn at
With malicious contention
Pluck sanity from the adult brain
A seed of the conflict implemented well into the wards of the walnut premises
Water with pride
On a monthly basis
A shower of curse 

See the rage glow
Should steal from the victim the crumbs of sanity
What remains
Is a demonstration
Of the bliss of being pure
Picture perfect
For contrast
The painter abolishes her brush with untold ferocity
Pain is the projection of hyperbole
And peace is founded in the sounds of the waterfall being scrunched