Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Starving for Some Status

“Le sauvetage” (The Rescue) by Pablo Picasso (1932)

The poor get rich, and the rich get richer
The poor get rich, but the rich stay richer
This woman says, that’s just the way the economy is 
And closes an eye 
Or a fist
I can’t see in the dark
But her sulks are heavy against my head as I lay on her heaving chest 
Wise enough not to ponder further the sentence of which the conclusion is embedded
The redundancy of which 
Had I spoke
She would have scorned 

I could have sworn, it was a dream 
As such
A man can be successfully rich and smart if he knows how to steer away from conflict 
With the man who posses neither
Cracked phones, broken hearts 
And a fractured skull 
A combination of which to stir into the blades of the blender 
Some apple juice orders the cunt at the back of the room
The one who frowns, and hosts a funny face
For every opinion...
That’s flung 

By coincidence 
An extract from the school of the superiors, bows with a certain kind of uncertainty 
Distance is not necessarily proximity
His smile is telling
Except we are older
Perhaps wiser
Hell, he’ll wet his pants if we don’t let him go
An awkward meeting 
Is a confrontation for the wrecked of nerves 
I love children
But am afraid of what they can become