Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Rhetorical Answers to Unasked Questions

 “Desemparats (Maternité, Mère et enfant au fichu)” (Motherhood) by Pablo Picasso (1903)

Redundancy is the tendency to speak when speech is 
All babies are born sad by default
The discussion bounces back and fourth, between the two grown adults
Apparently babies are born either sad or happy
All babies are born crying 
Contends one
Exactly, because they are breathing 
Asserts the other
Outside the womb
There’s no room for losing

But if some babies are born happy then surely laughing is also a means for breathing
The discussion falls flat
Regret is spelt in syllables of self-hatred 
In the other stall
Sported on rustic shoulders are heads 
Heaving in shame 
Entitled to rights 
Unheard of 
Give birth to atomic bombs, in the toilet 
People are a waste of flowers 

Outside a lad’s rolling a cigarette in front of the library, while a phone call interrupts 
A real life conversation
Terminates the laughter of the two companions 
Before inflicting their farewell 
Bet it wasn’t worth it
But who’s called is called 
A company orders their petition 
Forced autographs from victims 
Infamous for not being famous
In a state of confound expel thou chewing gum in the recycling bin