Thursday, 3 March 2016

Revenge of the Distressed and Disappointed

“Tête d'homme de profil” (Man Head Profile) by Pablo Picasso (1964)

According to the preference of the thin man
The tailor deploys the shape of his canvas, with careful imagination and careless hands 
As the clock ticks, once on its terms 
A vine devours the bridge, entrenched in the body’s largest organ 
Lay out the road with goose bumps in tact 
To tackle the speeders 
There’s a sad look on his face and a split in his chin 
A side for peace
The other for war
With a serving of the patient
And a dispute over the feelings evoked 

When provoked by the sight
Frantic and desperate 
The man senses his insecurity surfacing 
So gather with brooms to sweep from the surface the bubbles of a victim’s disgrace
The veneer on which is said to harness 
A flower with poisonous nectar 
From the breathing vessels are two deliberate slopes of temptation  
Dangling from the northern frontier
From which are falling some tiny hands of four fingers on each 
Within each a palm tree suffocates inside 

A garden to host and breed the season’s best 
A breath of toxic scorning eliminates the withering, but it is a dream
A sneeze is a signal to flee 
Break a loaf of bread and feed the birds 
And the bees 
The sky is all clouds
Some grey, more white, most blue
Building the archive is a tedious task 
Not for the faint-hearted 
Or the fake-hearted
But one without one is indeed the ideal