Friday, 18 March 2016

Quiet and Green

“La Rue-des-Bois” by Pablo Picasso (1908)

There’s a jungle of chili trees outside my window, and they’re all swaying with the wind
Rather than against
Compassion is given through choice
The air is reflective of that
A delicacy, which deceives the oblivious, rather
To the otherwise obvious aftermath of
A burning tongue
Leaves the hair blown against the current
The forecast says sunny
But the sun is being shy
Or attention seeking

Invisible hands
Pluck at the nerves of the tree
A spine plagued by the demands of gravity
If roots are feet the shoes are concrete for they are deprived of the rights
To be free
As a tree
To flee
Upset on earth
A leaf crumbles to the ground
A protest is a sacrifice
And not all require speech

But the wind is loud
Wishing demand and conflict
Stir up a storm with the guts of the tree
A tornado, is perhaps, a magnificent illustration, at the abuse of power
The tree is laughing
And the wind is corrupt
Incompetence is the forecast failing its people
Thus trust is something you teach yourself
In a jungle 
The jungle
What's in a jungle